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Create your legacy and earn rewards

Striker Manager 3 is the best Play to Earn multiplayer football manager game that combines the fun of traditional football games with the ability to be the owner of your in-game assets.

Generate income while trading and evolving your NFT game assets, take possession of your plot of land in the Striker Manager 3 world and become the real owner of your club.

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Be a part of Striker Manager 3 and start the football web3 revolution with us

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Build a football empire

In Striker Manager 3 you're not just a player, you're a true owner and creator of your own world. Each user manages a unique plot of land within the NFT game's metaverse, where you can build from scratch whatever you want to make your parcel grow in value and beauty.

Convert your players to NFTs and earn rewards

Build an academy wherever you want in the world and raise the upcoming football stars. Depending on the quality and progression of these youth players you will be able to turn them into NFTs of your own.

You can also take a look at the premium market and see what offers are available. Hurry up if you have a clear idea of what you’re after, as the good bargains go quickly.

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Compete against real managers

Compete daily against real opponents from around the world and climb to the top of the Striker Manager 3 league. Each season lasts two months and you will have to face promotions and relegations depending on your team’s performance.

You will also compete in the Striker Cup and be able to organize private leagues to play soccer games online against your friends.

Compete against real managers

Show your tactic skills

Leave your mark and define how your team will play using the deep advanced tactics tools Striker Manager 3 provides to you. Your football style is based on counter-attacking or do you prefer to take care of the ball possession? Talented or physical players? Demonstrate to us your style of play.

Experience 3D gameplay in real time

Our advanced match engine brings you the opportunity to feel every single football game with passion and in real time. Take care of your fans and make them fall in love with your team to achieve great home game attendances.


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